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When it comes to human health and safety, the extractive industry represents one of the most hazardous activities. When accidents occur in mines, quarries or processing plants, consequences are usually very serious. A description of Italy’s state of the art is made herein, with a special focus on occupational injuries occurred during the 2012-2019 period of time as well as fatal injuries of the last...

The residual presence of critical components (e.g. Asbestos Containing Materials – ACMs) still represents one of the main criticalities for the Occupational Safety and Health – OS&H in many large public facilities. The very first step for an effective Risk Assessment and Management is obviously a clear definition of the different approaches, complying with the Italian general and special OS&H...

The residual presence of critical components (e.g. Asbestos Containing Materials – ACMs) still represents one of the main criticalities for the Occupational Safety and Health – OS&H in many large public facilities (Lee and Van Orden, 2007).


The management of health and safety at work is represented by the set of preventive and protective measures to minimize the exposure of workers to risks that may cause the onset of diseases or increase the number of accidents.

Data on occupational accidents...

The paper offers a reflection on the evolution of Occupational Safety approaches through the ages until the Industry 4.0. A brief overview on the constant increase of the system complexity is discussed to introduce the problem. Later, the study shows how Safety can be approached in different ways discussing pros and cons. Then, the paper proposes two applications of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality...

Although the European panorama is experiencing a profound change in advance to the Industry 4.0, revolutionizing the world of work with technical, technological and information innovations, in Italy even today we have to deal with the “old” problem of work related injuries and fatalities. In particular, the accident indices of the last few years do not seem to differ much from those typical of the...

Accidents and fatalities at work have always had a huge social and economic impact. In recent years the phenomenon in Italy does not seem to regress, indeed, the official data of fatality at work report a significant increase; this notwithstanding the widespread legislative activity both at European and national level.


When major accident scenarios are considered, the effects of major events which give rise to a serious, immediate or deferred danger to human health or the environment, inside or outside the production or storage area due to the presence in high quantities of one or more dangerous substances are being considered. Events of this type, except in exceptional cases, have always had important consequences...

The availability and accessibility of new technologies is also transforming the world of underground construction sites, where applications developed in the mining industry are rapidly spreading.

Many of these have positive repercussions for safety and...

TELT is the public sponsor of one of the world’s most important projects, the cross-border section of the new Turin-Lyon line. In 2015 the company became a member of the United Nations Global Compact, adhering to the ten principles in terms of human rights, the environment, the fight against corruption and compliance with international labour standards. This commitment led to the undertaking to constantly...

A global overview of the technologies that can be applied for modern tunnelling construction taking into account the OS&H aspects is shortly presented in the paper.

The objective of this review is to analyse the risks associated with the use of fluids in chainsaws
operations, comparing traditional and eco-friendly materials.
We chose to investigate operations involving the use of portable equipment, particularly those that still use internal combustion engines. Indeed, they pose a high risk to operators due to their proximity to the machine. The scientific literature concerning fuel mixtures and chain oils was studied.
Correlating the examined activities, equipment and machines and their materials,...
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